Does your team have what it takes?

You are in a room with family, friends or co-workers,
surrounded by codes, puzzles, locks and brain teasers…..
You have 60 minutes to solve as many as possible and


You have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape. Do you think you can escape where so many have failed.


Do you have what it takes? Can you find the clues and solve the puzzles and escape? The pressure mounts as the seconds tick down.


Perfect for friends & family, co-workers, companies, tourists and thrill-seekers

Friends & Families

Do you have a family member who thinks they are Sherlock Holmes? Does your family like solving puzzles? Then get your friends or family together for a unique experience that you will always remember!


Is your group just visiting the city and looking for a fun activity to do? You’ll have a great time here at Genius Escapes.


There is no pause button and no respawning in this escape game. This is live. You will need to crack codes and solve puzzles to get out within 60 minutes. Do you have what it takes?


Looking to energise, motivate and inspire your employees or do you want to uncover their strengths and weaknesses? Our Escape Room is designed to engage problem solving skills and combine that with team work. Participants have to use logic and common sense and think outside the box.

Choose from our range of Escape Room experiences
60 minutes and the clock is ticking …


You arrive for your guided tour of the 'Fusion-Tec' facility but there’s a problem, a BIG problem … and only you can avert a 'nuclear disaster'! This immersive experience is suitable for all abilities as players choose from Standard, Advanced or Genius level … and there’s a few surprises along the way too!

Suitable for 2-8 players


2 players
£28 per person

3-4 players
£25 per person

5-6 players
£22 per person

7-8 players
£20 per person


This escape room experience is not for the faint-hearted or novice player as you need to solve 20 built-in high-tech puzzles in this compact unit as you try to diffuse the device in our themed Ammunition store. You will enter the world of rival arms dealers, gangs and convicts as you race against time to stop the clock!

Suitable for 2-4 players


2 – 4 players
£25 per person


Answers to common questions below
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Why should I book an escape room?

We offer you an experience different from other classic group activities. You will have the opportunity to test your concentration, observation, problem solving and decision-making skills while having fun at the same time.

Who can play this game?

You can play this game together with your family members or colleagues from work or play it as a corporate game and have fun with them for one hour.

How difficult are the games?

Our NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE game is designed for players that have little or no previous escape room experience and you can choose to play at Standard, Advanced or Genius level to suit your team’s abilities. See the next question for the difference between each of these levels.

Our AMMUNITION game isn’t for the faint-hearted or novice player, as the puzzles are quite tricky so we would recommend that players have a considerable amount of previous escape room experience or be extremely good at solving puzzles and codes!

What’s the difference between Standard, Advanced and Genius levels?

If you’ve booked to play our NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE game, you can choose from 3 different gaming levels:-

Standard: we suggest this level for teams where all or some members have played 5 or less escape rooms.
Rating: Moderately difficult.
Lots of automated advice messages and up to 10 clues.

Advanced: aimed at teams where all members have played more than 5 escape rooms.
Rating: Difficult.
A few automated advice messages and up to 5 clues.

Genius: for the highly experienced escape room players with 50+ escape rooms under their belts.
Rating: Extremely difficult.
Very few automated advice messages and up to 3 clues.

Don’t worry, we promise to let you out at the end of the game regardless of what level you choose and whether you manage to avert a ‘nuclear disaster’!

What should I wear?

We would recommend you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You may need to kneel down and look under objects so don’t wear your best clothes. Ladies, during your 60 minutes in the room you will be walking or standing for most of the time so we don’t recommend high heels!

Will it be safe during the game?

Yes. There are no hazardous element to the game.  There will be real time monitoring and you can leave the game whenever you want.

NB: You will not be able to reenter the Escape Room if you decide to leave before the end of the game.

All doors will automatically open in the event of a power cut or fire. We have an emergency button that will unlock all the doors in the event of a problem during the game.

We have fire doors, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting.

Are there any age restrictions?

There is no upper age limit, we have had players well into their 70s.
We have a minimum age of 14 although this may be lowered with prior approval. Just give us a call. All teams must have at least one adult (over 18) in the team.

Is there anywhere to park?

Yes, we have a large shared car park. You can park for a maximum of two hours. This will give you enough time to have 60 minutes of exhilarating fun and not have to worry about rushing back to your car.

Is there anywhere nearby for food and drinks?

There is a huge choice of family friendly pubs and restaurants nearby, and The Steel Tank Alehouse is next door to Genius Escapes ( so do check them out if you fancy a drink before or after your visit.

Do you have a toilet on site?

Yes, we have a disabled access toilet within our building.

What do I need to bring?

There is nothing you need to bring. Everything you need will be supplied.

Is there somewhere I can store my personal belongings?

We provide secure lockers for you to store your personal belongings while you play the game.

We do not allow mobile phones or cameras to be taken into our rooms.

How many can play?

We will accept teams of 2-8 players for our Nuclear Nightmare experience, and teams of 2-4 players for the Ammunition room. Depending on ability and experience, we sometimes find that teams of 2 or 4 escape in a faster time than teams of 8, but with the option of choosing from Standard, Advanced or Genius level, players will get the best from the experience and are guaranteed a fun time! If you have a larger group than 8, please give us a call as we can accommodate more with prior agreement as we could rotate you between the different rooms or stagger your booking times.

Can we just turn up?

We can only take advance bookings to ensure that the rooms are set up and ready for your arrival. We get especially busy at weekends and during school holidays so it’s always advisable to book well in advance. You can check availability on our Bookings page.

What are your opening hours?

We open 10am to 10pm 7 days a week. You can check our current availability on our Bookings page.

2 The Central Precinct
Chandler’s Ford
SO53 2GA

02380 268 555