Corporate and Team-building events

How can a Corporate or Team-building event help my company and staff?

Being locked in a room with half a dozen of your work colleagues could be your worst nightmare, but it could also be a whole lot of fun! And a great way to build relationships (especially after lockdowns and remote working), improve communication and enhance staff morale and well-being.

It can also be a unique way to incentivise your staff and show them that they’re appreciated and valued. You’ll find out people’s strengths and weaknesses, see who’s a natural team leader, and who the lateral thinkers are.

But ultimately, everyone will pull together and the result will be a stronger team. We believe that the best results always come from a ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude!

How does an escape room work?

Our immersive Nuclear Nightmare multi-room escape experience in Chandler’s Ford can accommodate up to 15 players as we can tailor-make the event and adapt the game structure to ensure everyone can take part and have a great time.

From the moment you arrive and are handed your white lab coats, you’ll be immersed in the theming. After a briefing you’ll head off for your exclusive tour of the ‘Fusion-Tec’ lab … but there’s a problem, a BIG problem. And only you and your teammates can avert a ‘nuclear disaster’ by deciphering the clues, finding the secret messages and cracking the codes within 60 minutes … the clock is ticking!

  • Choose from Standard, Advanced or Genius levels so regardless of players’ experience and abilities, they’ll be sure to have a great time!
  • All the escape rooms are fully air-conditioned
  • 2 hours free parking (we can extend this if necessary if your event takes longer)
  • Choice of bars, pubs and restaurants nearby to make a day/evening of it

Prices start at £20 per person, but give us a call to discuss how we can tailor a package to suit your requirements

Mobile Units … we bring the escape room experience to your door!

The newest technology in mobile escape rooms means that we can bring our AMMUNITION or DEADLY HALLOWS game units to your venue, set everything up and run your event for you.

Easily transportable, we just need an area that’s approximately 4m x 4m, so a foyer at your workplace, a conference room, or a spare office is ideal. We can set up 20 minutes games or the full 1-hour version, and staff can take part in individual challenges, team or inter-departmental competitions.

Your company will benefit from everything an escape room offers, ie. build relationships, improve communication and boost staff morale, whilst having fun … all in the comfort of your own building!

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